Cuba Bound - The North Coast: Ports of Entry and Anchorages

Cuba Bound - The North Coast: Ports of Entry and Anchorages, from Waterway Guides.
This guidebook is the result of 10 trips over a 15 year period to Cuba that included sailing and boating the coasts of Cuba by on-the-water cruising editors and travel in the interior by Waterway Guide’s Editor-in-Chief.
The book provides in depth information and details for boaters headed to Cuba from the United States and Bahamas. Filled with NV Atlas chartlets, selected waypoints, detailed navigation advice and photos, Cuba Bound is a must-have guide for boaters and cruisers headed to Cuba. The spiral bound book contains over 40 destinations and anchorages, maps, ports of entry and advice for going ashore. Everything that a boater needs is in the guide including where to get fuel, medical care, internet access and how to clear customs. Included are first-person experiences with getting pets into the country, customs regulations, anchoring, going ashore, weather, communications, navigation, access to water and electricity.