USCG Light List 5 2020 Mississippi River System

Article number: ll5

Covers the entire Mississippi River as it runs from its source in northwestern Minnesota to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico. Included are all Coast Guard aids to navigation used for general navigation such as lights, sound signals, buoys, daybeacons, and other aids to navigation. Not included are Coast Guard mooring buoys and some buoys having no lateral significance, such as special purpose, anchorage, fish net, and dredging.


Light List Regions
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Allegheny River
Arkansas Waterway - Verdigris River to Dardanelle Lock and Dam
Arkansas Waterway - Highway 7 Bridge to White River and Lower Mississippi River
Big Sandy, Canadian and Clinch Rivers 
Cumberland River 
Green and Hiwassee Rivers
Illinois Waterway - Chicago River to Henry, IL
Illinois Waterway - Henry Island to Upper Mississippi River
Kanawha River, Kaskaskia River, Lake Sakakawea, Lake Texoma, Little Tennessee River and Minnesota River
Lower Mississippi River - Cairo, IL to Mouth of White River 
Lower Mississippi River - Montgomery Point to Baton Rouge Bridge 
Upper Mississippi River - Minneapolis Harbor to Winona, MN
Upper Mississippi River - Winona, MN to Moline, IL
Upper Mississippi River - Moline, IL to Grafton, IL
Upper Mississippi River - Grafton, IL to Mouth of Ohio River
Missouri River -Sioux City, IA to Kansas City, MO
Missouri River -Kansas City, MO to Upper Mississippi River
Monongahela River
Ohio River - Pittsburgh, PA to Parkersburg, WV
Ohio River - Parkersburg, WV to New Richmond, OH
Ohio River - New Richmond, OH to Stephensport, KY 
Ohio River - Stephensport, KY to Mississippi River 
Ouchita-Black Waterway, Red River Waterway, St. Croix River and Lake St. Croix
Tennessee River - Knoxville, TN to Guntersville, AL
Tennessee River and Tennessee–Tombigbee Waterway