Understanding Boat Electronics

Article number: 12282

John C. Payne, a sailor and professional marine electrical engineer, has combined his knowledge of marine electrical systems and electronics into two books: Understanding Boat Electronics and Understanding Boat Communications.

The first guide, covering electronics on your boat, is sectioned into nine topics from position-fixing systems (GPS, LORAN) to entertainment systems. For example, Payne looks at repeatable vs. predictable accuracy and selective availability before going into more detail about GPS, addressing such issues as, "how accurate is GPS? What causes GPS errors? And "how to troubleshoot your GPS."

"The reliability and accuracy of your GPS system depends on a proper installation," Payne writes, advising the reader to check the aerial installation, cabling, connectors, and power supply to ensure that the navigation source can properly function.

The second guide covers communications and is sectioned into ten topics, including GMDSS Communications, echosounders, sonar, and WeatherFax. Other topics discussed in this volume include: selecting the best frequency preferences, which details characteristics of the best ocean frequencies with two charts illustrating the SSB optimum transmission times depending on the time of day. Payne also lists both national and international radio and weather frequencies. , Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal