Tide Tables 2019 Europe & West Coasts Africa

2019 Europe and West Coasts of Africa (Including the Mediterranean Sea) Tide Tables contains full daily predictions for 38 reference stations and differences and ranges for more than 1,100 stations.

It also contains a table for obtaining the approximate height of the tide at any time, a table of local mean time of sunrise and sunset for every 5th day, a table for the reduction of local mean time to standard time, a table for converting feet to centimeters, a table of the Greenwich mean time of the Moons? phases, apogee, perigee, greatest north and south and zero declination, and the time of the solar equinoxes and solstices, and a glossary of terms.

This book comes published as one part in a set of four volumes, along with East Coast of North and South America (Including Greenland)), West Coast of North and South America (including the Hawaiian Islands), and Central and Western Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. 8½ x 11.