The Complete On-Board Celestial Navigator, 2007-2011 Edition: Everything But the Sextant

Article number: 1679

Your All-in-One Navigation Tool Kit
Celestial navigation remains an essential skill for every mariner who ventures out of sight of land. In this era of electronic navigation, it is the perfect backup system, enabling you to determine your position when the GPS malfunctions or your boat loses electrical power.
Here in one volume is every bit of information you need to understand the process, take sights, and find your location anywhere in the world. Compiled for beginning and experienced celestial navigators alike, and elegantly designed on the assumption that 1-mile precision is perfectly adequate for backup navigation, this handy volume replaces $300 worth and thousands of pages of guides, tables, and almanacs.
The Complete On-Board Celestial Navigator includes:

A clear, concise primer/refresher that explains the entire process
A five-year nautical almanac (2007–2011) for determining precise star, sun, moon, and planet locations at the time of sighting
A star finder
Sight reduction tables for crunching the numbers and producing a fix anywhere in the world

"The only complete self-contained work available. When your electronic navigation fails, 'steering by the stars' will guide you safely to your destination."—Sydney Afloat (Australia