Local Notice to Mariners Hard Copy Service

“The Local Notice to Mariners is issued by each U.S. Coast Guard District to disseminate important information affecting navigational safety within the District. This Notice reports changes and deficiencies in aids to navigation maintained by the Coast Guard. Other marine information such as new charts, channel depths, naval operation, and regattas is included. Since temporary information of short duration is not included in the NIMA Notice to Mariners, the Local Notice to Mariners may be the only source for it. Since correcting information for U.S. charts in the NIMA Notice is obtained form the Coast Guard local notices, there is a lag on one or two weeks for NIMA Notice to publish a correction from each source.” Bowditch (2002) article 424.

 In April 2004 the Coast Guard ended its practice of mailing hard-copy Notices, and now expects the conscientious mariner to go to the Internet and download the Notices. Although this task in not difficult, there are many vessels and port offices who do not have the time, the equipment, or the inclination to perform it week in, week out. Pilothouse, therefore, offers a LNM subscription service.


The Service

Pilothouse downloads, prints, and mails the Local Notices to Mariners every week. The copies are printed both sides in black & white, and stapled.



Subscriptions are billed each quarter. There is one consolidated invoice for each fleet. Invoices over $100 are discounted ten percent.



Prices are for one quarter (13 weeks), per subscription, and include postage.

  • District 1 (Boston)                $35
  • District 5 (Norfolk)                $48
  • District 7 (Miami)                  $55
  • District 8G (New Orleans)      $77 Gulf Coast
  • District 8R (New Orleans        TBA Western Rivers
  • District 9 (Cleveland)             $50.
  • District 11 (Alameda)             $40.
  • District 13 (Seattle)               $36.
  • District 17 (Juneau)               $40.