Bonus Chart Corrections Aids

For Standing Order Service subscribers who have entrusted us with their lists of active charts, we are able to offer an additional service. We download customized Chart Correction Query Results based on your chart lists, print them, punch them, and mail them to you. You get the all the data you need, with no corrections missed. FILTERING. The corrections come from the Notices to Mariners section of the NGA (National Geospacial Intelligence Agency) Maritime Safety Information website, which filters out changes that affect only small craft, usually in depths of less than 12 feet. This reduces your work by eliminating irrelevant changes.

“Notice to Mariners corrects NGA and NOS charts using information collected from many sources, among them the Local Notice to Mariners published by the various US Coast Guard districts. The US Notice to Mariners will contain only those chart corrections of interest to ocean going vessels.” (From the NGA website).

PRINTOUTS. Printouts contain your chart list, followed by the corrections. They are 8½ x 11, with a margin suitable for your notations, and pre-punched for easy filing in a three-ring binder. They give you a clear, handy, permanent record to show to vetting organizations.

OPTIONS. You can choose to receive corrections either weekly or monthly.

PRICE. Single-vessel subscriptions, postage included:

Weekly Option: $75.00 per quarter.

Monthly Option: $25.00 per quarter.

DISCOUNTS. Multiple subscriptions on a single fleet bill are discounted ten percent.

BILLING. Subscriptions are billed each quarter, in advance. Subscriptions beginning during the quarter are pro-rated.