Sell Your Boat in 30 Days: Minimize Your Investment Maximize Your Profit

Article number: 17734
So you wish to sell your boat? No problem: put an ad in your local newspaper or magazine, perhaps add a photo, and bingo, that boat's as good as sold! Well, perhaps it is not quite that simple, says Mr. Cook.

One needs to do the entire thing properly, if one is to minimize the angst and maximize the profit. And this entails paying attention to preparing the boat for the prospective buyer, doing the paper work, pricing the boat accurately and correctly, advertising, negotiating, and taking care of all the other details to facilitate the deal.

As the blurb claims, the book is an ideal guide for anyone who wants to sell a boat quickly, painlessly and for a premium price. Of course, the same sentiments would apply (apart from premium price ) to any potential BUYER who might happen upon the book! , Sailing and Yachting