Regulations Handbook Liquid Cargo Operations 3E 2014

Article number: 675

The Third Edition Regulations Handbook for Liquid Cargo Operations contains applicable revisions and additions to regulations through the end of July 2014, including the new regulations pertaining to Nontank Vessel Response Plans. This Regulations Handbook combines the regulations found in seven Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) books and puts them into one easy to read topical resources.

The Regulations Handbook for Liquid Cargo Operations contains:

  • Liquid Cargo Transfer Operation Requirements
  • Tank Barge Requirements (Subchapter D)
  • Barges Carrying Hazardous Liquids
  • Transfer Facility Requirements
  • Personnel Issues
  • Pollution Response Requirements
  • Safety and Health Standards (Benzene)

Appendices including:

Conversion Table
33 CFR Table 151.47
33 CFR Table 151.49
46 CFR Table 30.25
46 CFR Table 151.05
46 CFR Table 2 to Part 153

The Third Edition Regulations Handbook for Liquid Cargo Operations is the perfect resource for:

  • Facility Persons in Charge (PICs)
  • Auditor's reference guide for both tank vessel and facility operations
  • Owners and operators of oil and other Marine Transportation Related Facilities
  • Personnel with enforcement and oversight responsibilities for safe marine operations
  • Vessels with OPA 90 Vessel Response Plans for carrying petroleums as "secondary cargoes"
  • Vessels with Nontank Vessel Response Plans
  • Study text for persons seeking Tankerman endorsements from the U.S. Coast Guard