Regulations Handbook for Towing Vessels 2016, 1st Edition

The Regulations Handbook for Towing Vessels is now available, and contains applicable revisions and additions to regulations through the end of October 2016. The Regulations Handbook for Towing Vessels combines the regulations found in ten Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) books and puts them into one easy to read topical resource. This new Regulations Handbook includes all of 46 CFR Subchapter M, Inspection of Towing Vessels.

In the Handbook
The Regulations Handbook for Uninspected Towing Vessels contains:

  • Pollution Prevention Requirements
  • Operations Requirements
  • Investigations, Documentation & Chemical Testing Requirements
  • Lifesaving Equipment Requirements
  • Fire Fighting Equipment Requirements
  • Inland Navigation Rules

Inspection of Towing Vessels
Appendices including:

Federal Regulations
Conversion Table
46 CFR Subchapter M Timeline
46 CFR Subchapter M Outline

The Regulations Handbook for Towing Vessels is the perfect resource for:

  • Uninspected Towing Vessel Regulations
  • Inspected Towing Vessel Regluations
  • AWO's Responsible Carrier Program
  • Masters / Pilots / Steersmen of Towing Vessels
  • PICs of Towboat Fueling
  • Managers of Towboat Companies
  • Port Captains
  • Port Engineers