QMED Oiler Revised Edition "E", 2010 Edition BK-0068 MET

Article number: 18821

The test required for any QMED rating is composed of one module (i.e., parts) of 70 questions. The "QMED-Oiler" module is composed of those areas common to all of the engineering ratings. It contains questions on: First Aid Firefighting Breathing Apparatus Tank and Space Safety Combustible and Flammable Liquids and their Handling Pollution Emergency Signals Lifesaving Damage Control General Safety Vessel Terminology and Nomenclature Tools and their Use Piping Systems and Components Lubrication Diesel Engines and Auxiliaries Reduction Gears and Power Transmission If you seek the Oiler (Steam and Motor) endorsement, you also must test on boilers and other components of steam-powered vessels (i.e., vessels with “steam plants.”) This material is covered in Sections 39 to 45 in the Oiler book.
BK-0068 QMED - OILER Revised Edition "E". Gianelloni, V. J. etal. 1/2010. 182p