Summary of Corrections Volume 1 (Charts) 2019 USB

Article number: summ1

This is a USB drive with Summary of Corrections Volume 1 downloaded from the NGA website.
A summary of chart corrections originally issued in the Notice to Mariners up to the date ofthis edition. For corrections issued subsequent to the date of this edition, the Notice to Mariners must still beconsulted. This publication is not required to be maintained intact. Portions of it may be separated for correction or attachment to an affected product. The Summary of Corrections are divided into five volumes. Volumes 1 through 4 contain corrections to regionally numbered charts. Volume 5 contains corrections to world and ocean basin charts, and corrections to navigational publications. The detailed coverage of each Volume is listed below:•
Volume 1: East Coast of North and South America(Subregions 11 through 15 and 23 through 28).