Personal Rescue Strobe by W&P S-1001

The Personal Rescue Strobe is one of the most robust PFD lights on the market. Its heavy-duty, military grade construction is comparable to lights used in deep-sea diving. In its April 2019 issue Practical Sailor magazine called it one of the two “Best Choices”  in the Personal Rescue Strobe Lights field.  

The strobe is activated manually with an easy twist on/off motion and operates with one AA battery. A powerful 200 Lumens LED bulb is housed in an unbreakable Lexan lens and flashes 60 times per minute with a 360 degree omni-view. The unique light cone extends visibility, making it 4x brighter than average compact strobes, and visible from over 2 miles away.

Package includes a Velcro® hook & loop strap and two 4” zip ties for easy installation on Type I, II, III, and V PFD’s.  


  • Rugged military grade construction
  • Unique cone extends LED source & light beam
  • Heavy duty unbreakable Lexan lens 
  • Best in Class for compact strobes - 200 Lumens 
  • DIVE-rated to 1000 Feet – diving light technology 
  • Waterproof 1px7 
  • Visibility 2+ miles 
  • Operates on one AA battery 
  • Easy attachment options to PFD or harness 
  • No accidental activation 
  • USCG Approved #161.102/99 
  • Made in USA 
  • Limited Lifetime warranty