NV Charts Bermuda Region 16.1

Article number: 10

Practical to use and accurate in the information and data published: This is the basic concept with which we have developed the nv-charts

  • this Chart Region is based on BA data with a new layout, clear cartography and international chart standards
  • depths and heights are charted in meter
  • arrow-symbols show buoyage direction
  • unique color differences, blue for the 2 meter depths, and green for exposed tidal areas
  • contour lines for 5 and 10 meter depths
  • under water reefs are clearly marked with a light green color and the reef above water in darker green
  • variable shoals marked in grey-blue
  • lighthouses illustrate their light characteristics for better identification
  • seaworthy chart layout - perfect chart flow from one chart to the next
  • standardized chart scales - passage charts 1:340,000 - 1:7,500,000 – coastal charts 1:90,000 and detail charts 1:20,000 or less
  • waypoints with latitudes and longitudes for GPS input
  • arrow-symbols show buoyage direction
  • tide information on each chart
  • CD of Charts
  • 4 Passage Charts - 4 Coastal Charts - 4 Details
  • GPS Charted Waypoints & Approaches