Navigation Workbook for 1210TR

This book provides over 500 exercises with answers covering all aspects of small-craft navigation. These are practical problems that all navigators should know how to solve. Topics include:
• Piloting • Chart reading and plotting • Voyage planning
• Dead reckoning • Compass use • Waypoint selection
• Special publications • Rules of the road • Route design
• Lights and buoys • Tides and currents • Electronic fixes
• Depth sounding navigation    
The level of the exercises is about that used in the USCG 100-Ton masters exam, which in turn is about the same used in the navigation certification programs of US Sailing, ASA, CYA and RYA. These practice problems are, however, designed to be practical and instructive, not just training exercises for certification exams. This Workbook is used by several navigation schools around the country.