Chart Navigator by Maptech

Article number: 1399


Chart Navigator is the perfect software program for boaters interested in trying PC chartplotting. The easy-to-load USB Flash Drive comes with complete U.S. coverage of Raster charts, satellite photos, aerial photos, and topos. Also included is the full-featured Offshore Navigator software program, which provides the tools for route and trip planning and navigating in real-time, plus tides and current information for U.S. waters. Chart Navigator can interface with autopilots and other NMEA0183 instruments. 

Route Planning
Chart Navigator makes route planning as simple as clicking a mouse. Click and you've put the first waypoint on the chart. Click again and you're creating a route. It's that easy.

GPS Ready
Chart Navigator takes the signal from your GPS receiver and shows your position right on the screen. You can see your vessel move across full-screen or split-screen charts, 3-D charts and Nav Photos. 

On-Water Mode and Data Windows
One click simplifies the interface so you can see more chart area and the functions and data windows you need while navigation. 

Spherical-Horizon View
The Spherical-Horizon View bends your mind as it extends your vision. Imagine draping a paper chart over a beachball, and you have the idea. Now you can see what to expect far, far ahead while the immediate area stays in sharp focus.


Key Planning Features

• Find the chart you want quickly graphically or by chart name and number
• Link 2 or more charts, photos and 3D together in Split-Screen mode
• Quick Dragging, Zoom and Scale options
• Routes: Plan and organize routes with your mouse
• Print route plans and chart segments
• Print and view tide and current graphs

Key Navigation Features

• GPS Ready — View your position on the chart 
• Autopilot Ready Chart Navigator outputs industry-standard NMEA 0183 data to autopilots. Note: an autopilot is not necessary to run Chart Navigator
• 6 Color Palettes for all light conditions 
• Tracks Record where you've been. There's an option to convert tracks to routes
• Man Overboard instant range and bearing to MOB location
• Marks — Mark areas of interest and "Go To" them quickly
• Alarms create custom alarm areas, including anchor alarms
• Measurement Tools A2B and instant Range and Bearing lines based on GPS position


Windows® 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10; Pentium-class CPU; 64 MB RAM; 100 MB hard disk space; 16-bit, 800 x 600 display.


Industry-standard NMEA 0183 GPS; connection cable; 1 available COM port. Note: A GPS is not required to run Offshore Navigator Lite.


Connected GPS; NMEA 0183 Auto-pilot; connection cables.