ChartKit 12 Southern and Central California: San Francisco Bay to Ensenada, Mexico 10E by Maptech

ChartKit Region 12, 10th Edition  Southern and Central California:San Francisco Bay to Ensenada, Mexico.
Coastal and offshore coverage. Full-color charts, GPS waypoints, courses and distances, Yeoman points, and color aerial photos. Save hundreds of dollars on charts. 22 X 17", 71 chart pages. ChartKits have been a mainstay of boating for generations—more than 1 million ChartKits have been sold in the past 30 years! 71 Chart Pages

A Great Value You’ll save up to 90% compared to the cost of purchasing individual government charts.The Perfect Size Large enough to plot routes; small enough to fit on your lap.Easy to Use Pre-plotted waypoints and lat/long grids for your GPS; magnetic courses for your compass. Fully Referenced Geographic and alphabetical indexes quickly point you to the right page.Reliable A great primary or secondary navigational reference.No batteries required!