ISGOTT 6E Int'L Safety Guide Tankers & Terminals (eBook)

First published in 1978, ISGOTT combined the Tanker Safety Guide (Petroleum) and the International Oil Tanker and Terminal Safety Guide. This Sixth Edition replaces the 2006 Fifth Edition and has been reviewed by OCIMF and ICS, IAPH, INTERTANKO, SIGTTO, and SGMF, as well as specialists in human factors. It continues to provide the best technical guidance on oil tanker and terminal operations.

The Sixth Edition covers gas detection, the toxic effects of petroleum products, the generation of static electricity and stray currents, fire protection and the growing use of mobile electronic technology.

It also covers recent developments in enclosed space entry, human factors, Safety Management Systems (SMS), permits to work, risk assessment, Lock-out/Tag-out (LO/TO), Stop Work Authority (SWA), the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, the tanker/terminal interface, bunkering operations with the new fuels, and the revised Mooring Equipment Guidelines, The Ship/Shore Safety and Bunkering Operations Checklists have been completely revised.

Also available in Hardback