MexWX: Mexico Weather for Boaters

Article number: 8456

MexWX: Mexico Weather for Boaters covers Baja, the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific coast of Mexico. How to plan your boating itinerary to take advantage of weather patterns; What local WX phenomenon to watch out for (Screaming Blue Northers, Elefantes, Chubascos); How to use your boat s radios and computers to receive those important WX forecasts in Mexican waters even by email when offshore; Summering Over in the Tropics; Hurricane Season & Hurricane Holes; Tactics for the Gulf of Tehuantepec & Papagallo; fully indexed. Updated, expanded 3rd edition (early 2008) packs more facts, new photos and improved graphics into this concise publication; includes a handy new quick-reference Frequency Guide for VHF, Ham, SSB, WX-fax and Internet.
Author Capt. Pat Rains picks up the WX and brings it right to your boat in Pacific Mexico. MexWX is a must-have reference for recreational sportfishers, motoryachts, trailer-boat skippers and all cruising sailors who visit Mexican waters.