Galley: How Things Work

Article number: 18632

This is not the usual galley book. Food is barely mentioned and there are no recipes. Instead, this book delves in depth into the infrastructure of a boat galley the equipment that is available and how those devices work, along with installation requirements and suggestions.

Although on the surface the boat's galley may seem to be a very simple affair, in truth it can be a rather complicated amalgam of various, and sometimes advanced, technologies. The galley equipment described includes: water pumps; types of plumbing; the pros and cons of water-tank materials; reverse-osmosis watermakers; types of stoves and fuels; ice box insulations; electrical and mechanical refrigeration; marina water connections; raw water faucets; electrical and heat-exchanger water heaters; fume detectors; inverters; galley appliances; fire extinguishers; barbecues; shore-power connections and much more.

It is the purpose of this book to explain these technologies and present the wide range of options that the boat-owner has when tackling a galley project, either large or small. It explains how each of the components of a galley works, the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as upgrading options.