Eagle Seamanship 4E

Article number: 6817

One of the most recognizable and majestic vessels on the high seas today and the only active square rigger in the U.S. fleet, Eagle draws huge crowds in any port that she calls. Each year, over 100,000 guests tour Eagle's decks; countless others follow her journeys throughout the world on her website and facebook page. As America's emissary to the tall ship fleet and a goodwill ambassador to nations around the world, Eagle makes training and representation voyages each summer to destinations such as Europe, the Caribbean, and both coasts of the North America.

Eagle Seamanship: A Manual for Square Rigger Sailing, fourth edition, is the first revision to this venerable text in over 20 years, bringing together many advances in technology and procedures that have allowed "America's Tall Ship" to continue to serve as she approaches her 75th birthday. This edition of Eagle Seamanship: A Manual for Square Rigger Sailing continues to be the reference of choice for Eagle crewmembers, Coast Guard Academy cadets and officer candidates, and tall ship sailors throughout the world.