NOS charts

NOS, NGA and CHS charts can be ordered from Pilothouse, but only a handful are available as shopping cart items. If you have any questions just email or call us at Email Us or Call Us at 1-800-40-PILOT

We at Pilothouse strongly believe in the importance of paper charts either as a primary form of navigation, or as an accepted backup to electronic navigation.Click here to view a chart catalog

“The Prudent Mariner will not rely solely on any single Aid to Navigation”

NOS charts are researched and compiled by the National Ocean Service, part of NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They are the official navigation charts of United States coastal waters, and the only charts of those waters that meet Coast Guard carriage requirements for commercial vessels. The charts are printed under license by carefully vetted and carefully supervised private printing and cartographic firms, and they are distributed by dealers. Pilothouse is a dealer for two of those firms.

In order to provide charts with the latest available information, NOS every week transmits to its licensed printers updated images of the charts, and the printing is done only after orders are received. Thus these “print-on-demand” charts do not need correction at the time of purchase. Later on, users can make corrections by consulting the weekly Notices to Mariners. These Notices are available from Pilothouse by subscription, both in hard copy or on disc.

To order charts:

Email Us or Call Us at 1-800-40-PILOT