CFR33 V2 125-199 2021 Navigation and Navigable Waters

This book contains parts 125 to 199, Chapter I Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security.
Title 33—NAVIGATION AND NAVIGABLE WATERS is composed of three volumes. The contents of these volumes represent all current regulations codified under this title of the CFR as of July 1, 2016. The first and second volumes, parts 1–124 and 125–199, contain current regulations of the Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security. The third volume, part 200 to end, contains current regulations of the Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army, and the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, Department of Transportation


125 Identification credentials for persons requiring access to waterfront facilities or vessels
126 Handling of dangerous cargo at waterfront facilities
127 Waterfront facilities handling liquefied natural gas and liquefied hazardous gas
128 Security of passenger terminals
Index to Subchapter L 133 Oil spill liability trust fund; State access
135 Offshore oil pollution compensation fund
136 Oil spill liability trust fund; claims procedures; designation of source; and advertisement
138 Financial responsibility for water pollution (vessels)
Index to Subchapter M
140 General
141 Personnel
142 Workplace safety and health
143 Design and equipment
144 Lifesaving appliances
145 Fire-fighting equipment
146 Operations
147 Safety zones
Index to Subchapter N 148 Deepwater ports: General
149 Deepwater ports: Design, construction, and equipment
150 Deepwater ports: Operations
Index to Subchapter NN 151 Vessels carrying oil, noxious liquid substances, garbage, municipal or commercial waste, and ballast water
153 Control of pollution by oil and hazardous substances, discharge removal
154 Facilities transferring oil or hazardous material in bulk
155 Oil or hazardous material pollution prevention regulations for vessels
156 Oil and hazardous material transfer operations
157 Rules for the protection of the marine environment relating to tank vessels carrying oil in bulk
158 Reception facilities for oil, noxious liquid substances, and garbage
159 Marine sanitation devices
Index to Subchapter O 160 Ports and waterways safety--general
161 Vessel traffic management
162 Inland waterways navigation regulations
163 Towing of barges
164 Navigation safety regulations
165 Regulated navigation areas and limited access areas
166 Shipping safety fairways
167 Offshore traffic separation schemes
168 Escort requirements for certain tankers
169 Ship reporting systems
Index to Subchapter P 173 Vessel numbering and casualty and accident reporting
174 State numbering and casualty reporting systems
175 Equipment requirements
177 Correction of especially hazardous conditions
179 Defect notification
181 Manufacturer requirements
183 Boats and associated equipment
184-186 [Reserved]
187 Vessel identification system
188-199 [Reserved]