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Norfolk to Miami  

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Last Updated 05/06/2015

NOS Charts of the ICW  

The ICW, or Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway is a protected inside route from the Chesapeake to the Florida Keys.  NOS charts of the ICW are 1:40,000 (roughtly 2 inches per nautical mile) with insets in  more detail. Prices are $20.75

NOS 12206  Norfolk to Albermarle Sound
NOS 11553 Albermarle Sound to Neuse River  
NOS 11541 Neuse River to Myrtle Grove Sound 
NOS 11534 Myrtle Grove Sound to Casino Creek 
NOS 11518 Casino Creek to Beaufort River
NOS 11507 Beaufort River to St. Simon Sound 
NOS 11489 St. Simon Sound to Tomolato River 
NOS 11485 Tolomato River to Palm Shores
NOS 11472 Palm Shores to West Palm Beach 
NOS 11467 West Palm Beach to Miami 

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NOS Sailing Charts

Prices are $20.75

NOS 12200 Cape May to Cape Hatteras
NOS 11520 Cape Hatteras to Charleston 
NOS 11480 Charleston Light to Cape Canaveral 
NOS 11460 Cape Canaveral to Key West

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Chart Atlases

Derived from NOS charts, and rearranged for the benefit of small-craft skippers.  Spiral bound.  Scales are sometimes reduced.  

ChartKit Region 6  Norfolk to Florida  and the Intracoastal Waterway. Norfolk, VA, to Fernandina Beach, FL, inside and outside. Includes ICW navigation advice and Bridge Table. Full-color charts, GPS waypoints, courses and distances, and Yeoman reference points. 22" X 17", 84 chart pages. 
$116.00  T3087 
ChartKit Region 7 Florida East Coast and the Keys.  15th edition.  St. Marys Entrance to Dry Tortugas, inside and outside, including St. Johns River, St. Lucie River and Lake Okeechobee. Full-color charts, waypoints, courses and distances, chart datums for GPS, Yeoman points, and aerial photos. 22 X 17", 78 chart pages.
$116.00  T1369  
The Intracoastal Waterway Chartbook edited by John & Leslie Kettlewell, International Marine Publishing.  Norfolk to Miami. 6th Edition, 2012. Tips on bridges and anchorages.  Complete coverage of the ICW “purple line” and passages to the ocean at major inlets, but for side trips you will need other charts.  Very handy format for small chart tables, and easy to follow.  Spiral-bound, 18˝ x 11, 276pp.  
$75.00  T239
Virginia & North Carolina Coast - Region 6.1 NV Charts  Norfolk to Cape Fear, 22 x 17, spiral bound. Charts and CD
$67.80 T78
South Carolina & Georgia Coast - Region 6.3 NV Charts.  Cape Fear to Fernandia Beach 22 x 17, spiral bound. Charts and CD.
$69.80 T520
Florida Northeast - Region 8.1 NV Charts. Fernandina Beach to Lake Worth. 22x17 charts and CD.
$79.95  T18365
Florida Southeast Region 8.2 NV Charts. Lake Worth to Key West. 22 x17 charts and CD.
$79.95 T18634

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Maptech Waterproof Charts

Handy flip-fold format. $21.95 each.  Note that there are some gaps in coverage.

EMB 89 Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds
EMB 90 Pamlico and Neuse Rivers
EMB 91 Ocracoke to Beaufort NC
EMB 92 Cape Fear
EMB 93 Wynah Bay to Charleston
EMB 94 St. Helena Sound to Thunderbolt GA
EMB 95 Tybee Island to Doboy Sound
EMB 96 Altamaha Sound to St. Mary’s Entrance
EMB 98 Thunderbolt GA to Fernandina Beach FL
EMB 97 Fernandina Beach to St. Augustine
EMB 15 St. Augustine to Melbourne
EMB 14 Melbourne to Palm Beach
EMB 13 Palm Beach to Miami
NorthCarolinatoGeorgia.gif (14662 bytes)

FloridaEastCoastandKeys.gif (18733 bytes)

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ISS Waterproof Charts

Two-sided rolled charts, 25 x 38.  Some coverage gaps.  Prices $26.95 each.  

ISS 98 Sullivans Island to Myrtle Beach  
ISS 95 Charleston SC
ISS 95E Charleston Harbor
ISS 93 Beaufort SC and Hilton Head area  
ISS 93E Hilton Head and Beaufort, large print
ISS 97 St. Catherine Sound to Hilton Head  
ISS 92 St. Mary's to Savannah
ISS 44 Fernandina Beach to New Smyrna
ISS 42 New Smyrna to Sebastian Inlet  
ISS 17 Vero to Palm Beach  

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issgatonc.gif (36297 bytes)

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Chart Catalogs

We’ll be pleased to send you free official catalogs from NOS and Maptech.  Just give us a call.   1-800-40-PILOT

Cruising Guides  

United States Coast Pilot 4 

click here for more info on Coast Pilots

Waterway Guide Atlantic ICW 2015
Norfolk, VA to Jacksonville, FL.  
$39.95 T75
Waterway Guide Southern Edition 2015
Florida, The Keys and the Gulf Coast.
$39.95  T755
Embassy Guides Chesapeake Bay to Florida 5th Edition 2012 , Cape May to the Florida border.   
$44.95 T9150
Embassy Guides Florida - East Coast, West Coast, Keys and Okeechobee 5th Edition, 2014  Color charts, color photos, much detail.  Spiral-bound, 8 x 11, 502pp.  
$44.95  T10769
Intracoastal Waterway:  Norfolk to Miami  
by Jan and Bill Moeller, International Marine Publishing.  6th Edition, 2010..  Mile by mile detail.  Excellent companion to the Kettlewell chartbook.  Spiral-bound, 5 x 8, 160pp.  
$29.95 T18790
Anchorages Along the Intracoastal Waterway by “Skipper Bob.”   2011.  Best anchorages, free docks, marina and fuel prices from the Hudson River to Key West.  Spiral-bound, 8 x 11, 126pp. 
$17.00  T15351
Marinas Along the Intracoastal Waterway by Skipper Bob.  2011. Includes fuel prices and transient slip fees.  102pp.  
$15.00  T7794

Managing the Waterway - An Enriched Cruising Guide for Intracoastal Waterway Travelers
Hampton Roads, VA to Biscayne Bay, FL
by Mark and Diana Doyle

172 pages, spiral bound, 2005
    Click Here for More Information
Cruising Guide to Coastal North Carolina by Claiborne S. Young.  2005.  For those with the time to linger and explore in the hospitable sounds and rivers of this great cruising region.  Navigational data, anchorages both on and off the ICW, danger areas to be avoided, marinas and facilities, historical sketches, advice on charming and unusual restaurants.  PB, 8 x 9, 388pp.  $26.95  T11076
Cruising Guide to Coastal South Carolina and Georgia 
by Claiborne S. Young.  2007.  
$26.95  T7775
Cruising Guide to Eastern Florida 
by Claiborne S. Young.  2005  Georgia to Miami.  533pp.  
$32.00  T13275  

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