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Gulf of Mexico

Last Updated 12/23/2014

The Gulf of Mexico's coastline stretches over 4,000 miles from the Florida Keys to the northwestern tip of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. It connects the ports of five U.S. states; Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas; and six Mexican states Tamaulipas, Vera Cruz, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo. There's alot of relatively shallow water, as well as a canyon, The Sigsbee Deep , 12,000 feet below the surface. The run from New Orleans or Mobile to Florida is a leg of the "Great Loop."

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The Big Picture

DMA 401 Gulf of Mexico 1:2,750,000. $22.75
ISS 4 Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico from Waterproof charts. Double sided $26.95

The Mexican Coast

The Mexican coast and its major harbors are covered in 19 DMA charts in a range of scales. Prices are $22.75 each. Call us for a free listing and diagram.

Large-area NOS Charts

Official government charts compiled, drawn and licensed by National Ocean Service Prices are $20.75

NOS 11006 Key West to Mississippi
NOS 11300 Galveston to Rio Grande
NOS 11330 Mermentau River to Freeport
NOS 11340 Mississippi River to Galveston
NOS 11360 Cape St. George to Mississippi River
NOS 11366 Approaches to Mississippi River
NOS 11400 Tampa Bay to Cape San Blas
NOS 11420  Havana to Tampa Bay

ICW Charts

Charts of the inside passages.  Prices are $20.75 each. 

Brownsville to Galveston:

NOS 11302 Stover Point to Port Brownsville
NOS 11303 Chubby Island to Stover Point
NOS 11306 Middle Ground to Chubby Island
NOS 11308 Redfish Bay to Middle Ground
NOS 11314 Carlos Bay to Redfish Bay
NOS 11315 Espiritu Santo Bay to Carlos Bay
NOS 11319 Cedar Lakes to Espiritu Santo Bay
NOS 11322 Galveston Bay to Cedar Lakes

Galveston to New Orleans

NOS 11331 Ellender to Galveston Bay
NOS 11348 Forked Island to Ellender
NOS11350 Wax Lake Outlet to Forked Island
NOS 11355 Catahoula Bay to Wax Lake Outlet
NOS 11367 Waveland to Catahoula Bay

New Orleans to Carabelle

NOS 11372 Dog Keys Pass to Waveland
NOS11374 Dauphin Island to Dog Keys Pass
NOS 11378 Santa Rosa Sound to Dauphin Island
NOS 11385 West Bay to Santa Rosa Sound
NOS 11390 East Bay to West Bay
NOS 11393 Lake Wimico to East Bay
NOS 11402 Apalachicola Bay to Lake Wimico
NOS 11404 Carbelle to Apalachicola Bay

Port Ritchie to Lostmans River

NOS 11411 Tampa Bay to Port Ritchie
NOS 11425 Charlotte Harbor to Tampa Bay
NOS 11427 Fort Meyers to Charlotte Harbor
NOS 11430 Lostmans River to Wiggins Pass

Florida's Big Bend

Coastal and Harbor charts to cover the gap in the ICW.
Prices are
$20.75 each

NOS 11405  Apalachee Bay
NOS 11406  St. Marks River and approaches
NOS 11407 Horseshoe Point to Rock Islands
NOS 11408 Crystal River to Horseshoe Point
NOS 11409 Anclote Keys to Crystal River

Barway Pilots Guides

Designed and compiled by towboat pilot Jimmy W. Leggett for towboat pilots. Clear, clutter-free charts with extensive, detailed notes on heavy paper, spiral bound, 14 x 9.

GICW New Orleans to Houston $115.00   T18575
GICW Pelican Cut to Corpus Christi $115.00   T18576
Houston Ship Channel & Harbor $75.00     T18577
Morgan City to Port Allen $75.00     T18578
Black-Ouachita River System $80.00     T18579
Lower Mississippi $115.00   T18580
East of Harvey Lock, New Orleans to Port St. Joe FL $90.00   T11687
Tennessee-Tombigby Waterway $115.00  T18735

Maptech Waterproof Charts

Handy flip-fold format. $21.95 each

EMB 58 New Orleans and Lake Ponchartrain
EMB 57 Mobile Entrance to Lake Borgne
EMB 53 Carrabelle to Panama City
EMB 52 Horseshoe Beach to Carrabelle
EMB 51 Tarpon Springs to Suwanee River
EMB 33 Lemon Bay to Tarpon Springs
EMB 30 Tampa Bay to Tarpon Springs
EMB 29 Everglades City to Charlotte Harbor
EMB 28 Flamingo to Everglades City

Waterproof Charts (ISS)

Rolled, printed both sides $26.95

ISS 111 Galveston Bay
ISS 110 Mississippi RIver Delta
ISS 40 Lake Ponchartrain to Gulfport
ISS 130 Mississippi Sound
ISS 94 Pensacola and Mobile Bays
ISS 91 Fort Walton Beach and Destin

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Maptech ChartKits

Chart Atlases based on NOS charts, spiral bound 22 x 17, with companion CD

Florida West Coast and the Keys, Region8  15th edition, 2013
$125.95   T14850
New Orleans to Panama City, Region 16  4th edition, 2014
$125.95  T512

Maptech Waterproof Chartsbooks

WPB820 Boca Grande to Marco Island, including Okeechobee Waterway. Waterproof,29 pages of planning and detailed charts. GPS waypoints, Lat/Long grids, courses, ramps, and marine facilities. 12 x 17, scales 1:505,000 to 1:25,000
$49.95 T17804

WPB830 Clearwater to Captiva Waterproof,25 pages of planning and detailed charts. GPS waypoints, Lat/Long grids, courses, ramps, and marine facilities. 12 x 17, scales 1:480,000 to 1:20,000
$49.95 T17805
WPB860 Pensacola to Panama City ICW and Offshore coverage from Perdido Pass and Pensacola to Panama City and St. Joseph Bay. 31 pages of charts. GPS waypoints, Lat/Long grids, courses, ramps, marine facilities, and artificial reefs. 12 x 17, scales 1:456,000 to 1:40,000.
$49.95 T18596

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Cruising Guides

United States Coast Pilot 5

click here for more info on Coast Pilots


Waterway Guide Southern Edition 2015 Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas. Navigational information, what to do ashore, and over 800 marina listings. Spiral-bound, 8 x 11, 495 pp. 
9.95  T755
Embassy Guide Florida  and Bahamas 34th edition, 2012. Maptech. East Coast, West Coast, Keys, Okeechobee. 8 x 11 PB, about 500 pp.
$44.95  T14633
Cruising the Gulf Coast Skipper Bob. 2009. Brownsville, TX to Flamingo, FL. PB 8.5 x 11, 100pp.
$16.00 T3115
Cruising Guide to Western Florida by Claiborne S. Young 7th edition, 2007. Flamingo to the Big Bend. A leisurely, detailed guide. PB, 8" x 9", 551 pp. 
$34.00 T14890
Cruising Guide to the Northern Gulf Coast by Claiborne Young. 4th edition 2003. From Florida's Big Bend to New Orleans. PB 8" x 8", 566 pp.
$32.00 T11856
Cruising Guide to Florida's Big Bend by Rick Rhodes. PB 8 x 9, 288pp. 
$32.95 T11857

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Local Color

Cajun Mariners, The Race for Big Oil, Woody Falgoux, 2007. The old wild and wooly oilfield boat business. HB, 7 x 9, 283 pp.
$26.95 T86

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