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Classroom Material

Teachers and students are happier and more productive when the proper materials are at hand. Here are some of the books, charts, and instruments that schools ask for most often. And, yes, you can get scholastic discounts -- see our "20/20 Plan." 

 Texts and Reference Books    Training Charts      Plotting Instruments 
20/20 Discount Plan for Schools

Updated 12/23/2014

Texts and Reference Books

USCG Navigation and Regulations Handbook.  This new book supersedes Navigation Rules International-Inland COMDTINSTM16672.D and must be carried on all vessels 12 meters (39 feet) or more in length.
PB, 6 x 9, 198pp
10.95 T700
"RB-169" Navigation Rules by Richard Block, Marine Education Textbooks. Edition G, 2001. The rules, questions and answers, and explanation, to help prepare for Coast Guard tests. 273 pages, 8.5" x 11".
$ 75.00  T6303
U.S. Chart No. 1:  Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms used on Paper and Electronic Navigation Charts, NOS. 12th edition, 2013.  A reference book to help the navigator get the most out of his charts, both paper and electronic. 11 x 8.5, spiral-bound, 129pp.
$14.95 T352

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How to Read a Nautical Chart, Nigel Calder, International Marine Publishing, 2nd edition 2012.  Includes all of Chart No 1, and covers both paper charts and electronic charts. Much  introductory and explanatory material.  8.5 x 11 soft, 237 pages.
 $18.95  T17282


Boating Skills and Seamanship, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, 13th edition, 2007.  PB, 8 x 11, 404pp.
$24.95   T15783
The Cornell Manual for Lifeboatmen, Able Seamen, and Qualified Members of Engine Department  -- Second Edition, 2004
by William B. Hayler, John M. Keever, and Paul M. Seiler. Cornell Maritime Press 1984. Written to take the place of the out-of-print CG-175. Basic source book for professional mariners. 175 pages 4 1/2 x 7 paperback.
|$12.00 T2636

 Training Charts

Superceded editions of NOS charts issued for use in the classroom, not for navigation. Because they do not change, problems and answers stay valid for many years. $6.00 each.

 NOS 1210TR Martha's Vineyard to Block Island 1:80,000. The back contains a simplified version of Chart No. 1, Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms.

NOS 12221TR Chesapeake Bay Entrance 1:80,000.

NOS 116TR(SC) Long Island Sound 1:40,000, with insets 1:20,000.

NOS 12354TR Long Island Sound Eastern Part 1:80,000. 

NOS 13205TR Block Island Sound 1:80,000. T8868.

NOS 39TR West End of Lake Erie 1:100.000. Based on what is now NOS 14830. On the back is a small portion of the Army Corps of Engineers chart of the Upper Mississippi near Dubuque.

Plotting Instruments

Of the many plotting tools we carry, here are the plain "vanilla" ones appropriate for the classroom.

15" Value Parallel Ruler, Weems & Plath #145 with cork pads and aluminum arms and handles, no markings, clear acrylic. $12.00


136b.jpg (19811 bytes)
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Triple Parallel Rulers, Weems and Plath 136. Longer reach and symmetrical action for easier use. $26.00

p-72.jpg (22225 bytes)
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Course Protractor Plotter, 4" x 15", C-Thru P-72 one piece, no moving parts. Printed in two colors -- protractor in black, mile scales in green. Instructions included. $7.50

mnb.jpg (24995 bytes)
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Dividers 5" Weems & Plath 259 matte nickel finish. $14.00

176web.jpg (40023 bytes)
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Ultralight Dividers/Compass 7" Weems & Plath 176. Center wheel with extension bar gives fast action and precision adjustment. $21.00

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Nautical Slide Rule  Weems & Plath 105, Easy-to-use circular pattern. 7" square. $21.00

20/20 Discount Plan for Schools

Teachers, take note! By planning ahead, you can earn substantial savings for your organization.

  • Order twenty or more copies of an item
  • Give us a least twenty days of lead time
  • You will earn a twenty percent discount.

This offer includes plotting tools and most text and reference books, including everything described on this page. It does not include pre-discounted items such as software and CD-ROMs, nor a small number of technical books short-discounted by the publishers. If there is any question, please give us a call to confirm the status of an item.

If the quantity of twenty is too large, we offer an alternate plan: ten of an item, twenty days, ten percent discount.


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