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Sailing to Bermuda
(and back)

Last Updated 04/01/2015

"A voyage under sail to Bermuda can be a rewarding and relaxing experience -- provided that you plan your voyage carefully and adequately check and prepare your vessel." So say the people at the Bermuda Department of Tourism in their invaluable information sheet Yachts (Private) Sailing to Bermuda (see below). It's over 600 miles of blue water, whether you're leaving from southern New England or from the Mid-Atlantic states; you should expect at least a spot of bad weather; and you are on your own the whole way.

Here are some books and charts to help you with the all important planning and preparation.

DMA Charts | BA ChartsNVCharts  |Imray Chart |The Big Picture |
Charts On Disk  |The Trip Home | Cruising Guides |
Currents & Tides | FlagsBacking up your GPS |


Official US Charts of foreign waters.. Prices are $22.75

DMA 26340 Approaches to Bermuda Islands. 1984
DMA 26341 Bermuda Islands. 1996
DMA 26342 The Narrows to Grassy Bay. 1994
DMA 26343 The Narrows and St. George's Harbor. 1995
DMA 26344 Great Sound inc. Dockyard N. and S. Basins. 1996
DMA 26345 Hamilton Harbor. 1992

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BA charts

British Admiralty charts are smaller than DMA charts, and are designed to be folded once. They are hand-corrected at time of sale. Please allow one week for delivery. Prices are currently $54.95 each, subject to frequent change due to the unstable exchange rate.

BA 360 North Atlantic Ocean -- Approaches to Bermuda.  
BA 334 North Atlantic Ocean -- Bermuda.
BA 867 North and South Channels to the Great Sound.
BA 868 Eastern and Western Approaches to the Narrows including Murray's Anchorage.
BA 332 Grassy Bay & Great Sound including Little Sound
BA 1315 Five Fathom Hole, the Narrows and St. George's Harbour
BA 1073 Dundonald Channel to Hamilton Harbour.

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Nautical Publications USA

Bermuda NV Charts Region 16.1   with passages from Europe, Caribbean and U.S. East Coast, 4 passage charts, 4 coastal charts, 4 details, GPS waypoints. Currents, climate and sea-life.
$69.95   T10

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Imray chart

Imray -Iolaire charts have long been the choice of Caribbean sailors. Imray now offers a yachting chart that can substitute for all of the DMA or BA charts in column one. Recommended.

I-I E5 Bermuda. 1:60,00, with more detailed insets. 1998, corrected to JAN99. 24"x35" waterproof, with sailing directions and other information on the back. $30.00  T11891

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The Big Picture

I-I 100 North Atlantic Ocean Passage Chart. Conical projection- Great Circle routes are plotted as straight lines. Routes between the Caribbean, the eastern seaboard of the United States, and Europe. The back has charts showing wind roses, wave heights, and incidence of gales April to July and October to December. Water resistant paper, plastic case. 44 X 30, folds to 9 X 12. 2004 edition. $42.00  T17145

OGF 5161 Newport to Bermuda Plotting Sheet.  Useful for any vessel leaving from New York or southern New England, not from the Delaware of Virginia Capes or the Carolinas. On water-resistant paper, with "No-Loran" option.  $22.75 T17393
Click Here for More Information on Print-on-Demand

DMA 108 (INT403) Southeast Coast of North America. Nova Scotia, the eastern U.S., Bermuda, and the Virgin Isles.  $12.75

DMA Plotting Sheets, latitude specific. Privately printed, black on white $10.00 each
DMA 925
Position Plotting Sheet, Lat 29 to 36.
DMA 926 Position Plotting Sheet,
Lat 35 to 41. 

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Charts on Disk

CD-BA44 Newport to Bermuda from Maptech. Raster-scanned NOS approach charts of U.S. Northeast, plus all seven BA charts of the islands. Has its own viewing and planning program, and works with all major PC navigation programs.
$59.95  T

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The trip home

Don't forget that on your return trip a weather front could put your intended landfall on the American mainland dead to windward, making a diversion "the better part of valor." Be sure to have a good supply of coastal charts on board.

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Cruising guides

DMA Sailing Directions SDPUB147, Caribbean Sea Volume 1, 2014 15ED  from DMA. Includes a nine-page chapter on Bermuda. Written for larger ships, but of some use to yachts. 8 x11 175 pp, PB
$45.00  T3849.

Yachts (Private) Sailing to Bermuda.  Annual information sheet from Bermuda Department of Tourism. Good, solid, up-to-date. 
Click Here to Download PDF

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 Currents and Tides

Click here for Tides & Currents

Gulf Stream Companion, the Art of Navigating the Gulf Stream by the editors of Ocean Navigator magazine. 55 pages 6" x 9" saddle-stitched. $14.00 T8151

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Bermuda Courtesy Flag  "Red duster" with seal. Seaworthy Nyl-Glo nylon body, white canvas headings, brass grommets. 
12"x18" $24.95  T10151
24"x36"  $40.00 T281

"Q" (Quebec) signal flag. Often referred to as the "quarantine" flag. Flown at entry until cleared by customs. 
12" x 15" $19.95 T10152
24"x24"  $24.00 T7396

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 Backing up your GPS

If you're packing your sextant, make sure that you also have the necessary tables and papers.

Nautical Almanac 2014 from U.S. Naval Observatory.
$61.00 T18031

Nautical Almanac Commercial Edition 2014 
$29.95 T14310

HO 249 Sight Reduction Tables for Air Navigation, Volume 2. Latitudes 0 to 40. The tables most used by yachtsmen.
$19.95 T16657

Universal Plotting Sheets VP-OS. 50 sheets to the pad.
$7.75 T730

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