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Southern California
and Sea of Cortez

NOS Charts    DMA (NIMA) Charts   Maptech Waterproof Charts  Cruising Guides  Tides  Natural History, Fishing and Weather  Flags

Updated 04/03/2015

NOS Charts    

Official government charts compiled, drawn and licensed by National Ocean Service. Prices are $20.75.
General and Coastal Charts:
NOS 18680 Point Sur to San Francisco
NOS 18700 Point Conception to Point Sur
NOS 18720 Point Dume to Purisma Point
NOS 18740 San Diego to Santa Rosa Island
NOS 18746 San Pedro Channel
NOS 18774 Gulf of Santa Catalina
NOS 18765 Approaches to San Diego Bay
Harbor Charts
NOS 18682 Half Moon Bay
NOS 18685 Monterey Bay
NOS 18686 Pfeiffer Point to Cypress Point
NOS 18703 Estero Bay
NOS 18704 San Luis Obispo Bay
NOS 18725 Port Hueneme to Santa Barbara
NOS 18724 Port Hueneme and Approaches
NOS 18727 San Miguel Passage
NOS 18728 Santa Cruz Channel
NOS 18729 Anacapa Passage
NOS 18744 Santa Monica Bay
NOS 18748 El Segundo and Approaches
NOS 18749 San Pedro Bay
NOS 18751 Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors
NOS 18754 Newport Bay
NOS 18755 San Nicolas Island
NOS 18756 Santa Barbara Island
NOS 18757 Santa Catalina Island
NOS 18758 Delmar Boat Basin – Camp John H. Pendleton
NOS 18762 San Clemente Island 
NOS 18763 San Clemente Island – Northern Part
NOS 18764 San Clemente Island -- Pyramid Cove
NOS 18772 Approaches to San Diego Bay
NOS 18773 San Diego Bay

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DMA (NIMA) Charts

Official US Charts of foreign waters. Prices are $20.75

West Coast of Mexico:

DMA 18000 Point Conception to Isla Cedros
DMA 21005 Cabo SanQuintin to PuntaEugenia
DMA 21008 Golfo de California -- Northern Part
DMA 21011 Punta Eugenia to Cabo San Lazaro
DMA 21014 Cabo San Lazaro to Cabo San Lucas and Southern Part of Gulf of California
DMA 21017 Cabo San Lucas to Manzanillo
DMA 21020 Manzanillo to Acapulco
DMA 21023 Acapulco to Puerto Madero
DMA 21026 Punto Madero to Cabos Velos

Baja California area:

DMA 21021 Bahia de Todos Santos, Ensenada
DMA 21140  Point Loma to Punt Colnett
DMA 21180 San Jose to Punta Eugenia
DMA 21200 Punta Eugenia to Punta Aabreojos
DMA 21100 Punta Abreojos to Cabo San Lazaro
DMA 21120 Bahia Magdalena to La Paz
DMA 21121 Bahia Magdalena
DMA 21122 Port of San Arlos
DMA 21126 Bahia San Lucas
DMA 21125 La Paz and Approaches
DMA 21141 Golfo de California – Western Shore
DMA 21161 Punto Pulpito to Isla San Marcos

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Maptech Waterproof Charts

Handyflip-fold format. $19.95 each.

EMB 126 Souther nCalifornia
EMB 127 Point Conception to Point Dana
EMB 128 The Channel Islands
EMB 129 Los Angeles and Santa Monica Bay
EMB130 Santa Catalina to Dana Point
EMB 131 San Diego to Dana Point

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Chart Atlases

ChartKit 12 Southern and Central California, San Francisco Bay to Ensenada, Mexico.  Maptech.  Spiral bound, 22 x 17, with CD. 
$99.95  T14835
WPB 1230 Point Conception to Catalina Island, Maptech.   Spiral bound, 12 x 17, waterproof, with CD.  $49.95  T17807
Charlie’s Charts of the Western Coast of Mexico, Charles & Margo Wood, 2007.  PB, 8 ½ x 11, 257pp. 
$36.00 T11915
Southern California Chart Book, Don Abbott, 7th ed., 2010.  Point Sur to Mexico.  PB, 22 x 16. 
$41.95 T17461
Mexico to Panama Chart Book, Don Abbott, 6th ed., 2007.  Includes Gulf of California. PB, 22 x16. 
$99.95  T17459

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Cruising Guides

United States Coast Pilot 7 

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Light List 6 - Pacific Coast and Pacific Islands, U.S. Coast Guard. edition
$47.70  T8981
Cruising Guide to Central & Southern California,  Brian Fagan, 2001.  Golden Gate to Ensenada, Mexico.  PB, 7 ¾ x   9 ¼, 400pp. 
$29.95  T10935
Boat, Dive and Fish Catalina Island.  Bruce Wicklund, 2005.  Photos, sketch charts, advice on anchoring, dive sites, fishing, flora and fauna.  PB, 5 ½ x 8 ½, 152pp. 
$17.95  T4648
Cruising Guide to San Diego Bay,  Ed and Claudia Bowler, 2002.  HC, 8 x 10, 254pp. 
$29.95  T6369
Destination Mexico, Carolyn & Bob Mehaffy, 1995.   Getting ready for  Mexico, with provisioning, personal gear, medicines and equipment.  PB, 8 ½ x 11, 183pp.  $15.95  T6567
Mexico Boating Guide, Capt. Pat Rains, 3rd edition 2013.  Many detailed chartlets and color photos.  Both sides of Baja California, the entire Sea of Cortez, and mainland Pacific Mexico to the southern border. Anchorages, paperwork, ports, marinas, fuel, provisions, and more.  PB, 8 ½ x 11, 398 pages.  $69.95  T16481


Baja Adventure Book, Walt Peterson, 3rd ed., 1999.   Diving, fishing, boating, kayaking, surfing, boardsailing.  PB, 8 ½ x 11, 288pp. 
$24.95 T8477


Baja Bash II, Jim Elfers, 2006.  Take the pain out of thrashing to windward on Baja’s rugged Pacific Coast.  Charts,  humor and technical advice.  PB, 8 ½ x 11, 96pp. 
$24.95  T16477


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Natural History, Fishing and Weather

Marine Life of the Seashore, Pacific Coast, Dalonna.  Waterproof, laminated, double-sided card with brilliant color illustrations.  7 ½  x 11. 
$5.95  T7611


MexWX:  Mexico Weather for Boaters, John Rains, 2008.  Using electronics to gather data.  Improved graphics to explain  weather conditions along Baja Coast, Sea of Cortez, and Pacific Mexico.  PB, 8 ½ x 11, 106pp. 
$24.95  T8456


Hooked on Baja, Tom Gatch, 2007. Where and how to fish Mexico's legendary waters. PB, 7 x 10, 206 pp.
$21.95 T18395

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Courtesy Flag of Mexico. 12 x 18, nylon body, canvas heading, brass grommets.
$19.00 T18456
Quarantine Flag. Solid yellow international Q (Quebec) flag, flown at entry. 12 x 15.
$11.00 T7396

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